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Welcome to your blog! Yes this is your blog presented by NetSysCon.

Here you can key in and discuss your experiences and queries related to your career and workplace. Find jobs, explore tips and connect with professionals across the internet. This is a social blog where in every member of this blog should have his punch line as-

” I am here to help and be helped!”

We have often come across the phrase ” Symbiotic Relationship” An example of “mutualism” is the relationship between the Egyptian plover and the crocodile. In the tropical regions of Africa, the crocodile lies with its mouth open. The plover flies into its mouth and feeds on bits of decaying meat stuck in the crocodile’s teeth. The crocodile does not eat the plover. Instead, he appreciates the dental work. The plover eats a meal and the crocodile gets his teeth cleaned. Coincidentally, the Egyptian plover is also known as the crocodile bird. As humans we are social and share a mutual symbiotic relationship with each other as well. NetSysCon wishes to use this aspect for all to benefit.

The answer to ones question lies with the another. Especially over the world wide web, you can expect much more. Apart from this we have a lot of fun and social activities happening.

Mail us at office@netsyscon.net to be a contributor.



  1. Nice Philosophy

  2. Nice Thought..may need more publicity i feel..

  3. HI Prashant,

    Thank you for your comment…
    Well I am sure slowly and steadily, publicity would be gained… with the help of some valuable contributions from members like yourself. Feel free to drop in your feedback and inputs in our category Blog Support. Remember this is your blog.


  4. ” I am here to help and be helped!” is really a good punch line, very good concept, i will try to best to make the most

  5. ” I am here to help and be helped!” Surely this line makes lots of sense and it is very apt way to share the knowledge and make best use of the blogs.

  6. wonderful blog gd goin

  7. looks good find ways to increase traffic

  8. tag line of the blog is toooooo gud……….

  9. Thanks Rajini, your inputs are much awaited

  10. Being Independant is GOOD !

    Being Dependant is BAD ! !

    Being Interdependant is BEST !!!

    That’s why man is a social animal !

    ” I am here to help and be helped!” …. is fantastic and I wish the concept spreads exponentially ! ! !

  11. since you are a career company, I want to know that just as there are companies in the US specializing on career change, career transition and there are special career coaches towards that end, why is this thing not available in India?

    For your information, I have a blog by the name of Make your passion your profession(in the link) where links to my 21 published articles on this subject(in the times of India and four India magazines) have been given. Kindly let me know how does one do career transition in India.? It is good for both Individual happiness and society’s productivity- helped and be helped in your words.

  12. Hi Hiren,

    Good to see you drop by…. If I am not mistaken there are some career guidance counseling in India as well… In fact for fresh Graduates Career counseling is free of cost in a few govt centers… However I doubt if aspects like career change and transition have been explored yet. I feel it may be a good thought or idea for a business… However I doubt if this can be operated with a social purpose in mind…. The idea of our blog is to provide the same free of cost…. where in readers from various places can put forward their views…

  13. hi….
    Its really a good site with a bunch of stories ….but this site had not known by many so publicity is required…

  14. Anusha, This is your blog… Its yours to publicize, slowly and steadily we are growing…

  15. that is good we all have to joind and discusstion throw this to face new up comming chellanges


  16. that is good

  17. п»ї
    Thanks post and site very nice…. very interesting.
    I think It’s a good way to know how the tools can work.
    Thanks for sharng. Good Luck.

  18. No DOUBT!! Good One.. But if U ask me, Slight change in the Order.. “First Help ME & then get Helped Immensely!!
    (Meaning, give me an opportunity to help & see the rewards)

  19. hello,

    thanks for the great quality of your blog, each time i come here, i’m amazed.

  20. Hello,

    This is Sadanand, I worked on many wordpress oriented blogs & i found that your blog is been design & developed in really very nice way.

    Good Do more stuff…!!
    Wordpress can implement any kind of site.

  21. Really nice Philosophy of “” I am here to help and be helped!”
    Also the symbiotic relationship concept is great for the young crowd

  22. Daniel Radcliffe

    The motto is good however the picture conveys a different meaning.

  23. I think the Philosophy is a good one.

  24. I thing the philosophy is a good one & what one gives to the world, always comes back to us. So, if there is something that one cannot do, I’m sure there would be someone who can do the same job, & by Division of Labour, both the parties can benefit.

  25. You have a good website

  26. Its very good, the line is so catchy, the work of c.c is best.. For the both side parties,.

  27. cuongnam digital marketing agency

    I think the Philosophy is a good one.

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