Its Boss Day today- the history and origin

Its Boss Day today.. Do not forget to wish your boss…Here is an article about the history and origin of “the Boss Day!”. But often in the hustle of work and responsibility, most of us forget to convey our appreciation and acknowledgement towards the boss, though we cherish the heartfelt admiration for him but often it remains unexpressed.

That’s why, National Boss’s Day, commonly known as Boss’s Day offers the employees an opportunity to express their gratitude and appreciation towards their boss, manager, supervisors or CEO on October 16, every year !

The history and origin behind the formation of Boss’s Day tells an interesting story.Patricia Bays Haroski is given the sole credit for creating National Boss’s Day on October 16. She was an employee at State Farm Insurance Company in Deerfield, Ill. In 1958, in honor of her Boss she registered the holiday with the Chamber of Commerce of the United States.Was she an amazingly lucky employee, who had the world’s best boss? Well, apparently she was an appreciative daughter, who worked under her own father, but was thoughtful enough to notice the hardship and hurdles that her father had to go through to run the company but still managed to remain the source of encouragement and inspiration and good advice to all his employees. October 16 was the birthday of Patricia Bays Haroski’s father, and she though it would be the ideal day for the employees to officially acknowledge and honor the hard work of the Bosses and superiors nationwide.Four years later, Governor of Illinois, Otto Kerner, welcomed the proposal of observing National Boss’s Day and officially proclaimed the day in 1962. The idea became popular across the country in no time and soon, even England, Australia and South Africa started celebrating Boss’s Day in full throttle.

Today, Boss’s day is marked as the day to improve the employee-superior relationship and to make employees realize the difficulties and pressure that the boss has to face day in and day out to run an organization. There are more than thirty seven million professionals working in management, supervisor and other related fields in the US alone. Nowadays, the bosses and supervisors are not only responsible for giving orders and getting the work done, rather they are playing a more diversifies role as mentors , motivators and Team Builders. All this responsibilities requires him to exercise a greater amount of interaction and involvement with the employees and subordinates.Some ecard publishers like 123greetings and americangreetings have boss day cards even for ex boss and women boss .A Boss mentors the employees and subordinates in decision making skills, he is often the coach and a part of the team as well. Today Bosses and supervisors are required to be more productive and pro-active in building their team and get more results than before .To make the workplace much more congenial workers and subordinate’s relationship with the boss needs to be improved every day for greater productivity .Celebrating Boss’s Day at work is the stepping stone to achieving that goal. There’s no doubt that job satisfaction in any organization depends largely upon the constructive relationship between the employee and the boss.


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