Community Manager- India’s #1 Digital Marketing Agency- (Area of Interest- Cricket/Football/Automobile)

We are looking for a Community Manager (Area of Interest Cricket/Football/Automobile) for our client which is India’s #1 Digital Agency providing end-to-end services of  brand strategy, creative design, digital production (web and mobile applications), social marketing and media planning. Mail your applications to  or call 09324460598

Job Profile-

  • Brand Ambassador: They wear the corporation on their sleeve and it’s their job to evangelize it, put a ring face on it, and find a way to balance their corporate responsibility with being an advocate for the customer.
  • Brand Monitors: For better or worse, community managers are often the ones responsible for a company’s early online reputation management efforts. The actively monitor Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, review sites, blogs, forums, message boards, etc, looking for mentions, good and bad, so the brand can respond accordingly. Community managers are a company’s eyes and ears.
  • Brand Communicators: Community managers spend their day communicating your brand to other people. It’s their job to get the message out in a way that gets the crowd amped and excited. And they have to do it without sounding salesy or slimey, which is a surprisingly difficult task.


  • Strong Communication and social skills
  • Passionate about Branding
  • Flexible and void of ego.
  • Round the clock mentality- this is not a 9-5 Job
  • A good Team Player
  • Business Savvy
  • 0.6 – 1 yr relevant experience.

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