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Corporate Sales Manager- High End Door Handle Company

We are looking for Corporate Sales Manager with a High End Door Handle Company. Mail your applications to vicky@netsyscon.net or call on 9870020897.



Job Description:

To give a brief introduction about the company to the customers.

Sales and marketing of product.

Selling the door handles to the customer.

Would be provided with the leads.

Have to target the corporate Clients.


Job Requirements:

PG/MBA with Minimum  2 years of relevant experience.


Major Reasons for Rejection in a Preliminary Interview

  • Poor personal appearance.
  • Inability to express him/herself clearly. Poor voice, diction, grammar.
  • Lack of planning for a career; no purpose or goals.
  • Lack of confidence and poise; nervous, ill-at-ease.
  • Overemphasis on salary.
  • Unwilling to start at bottom; expects too much too soon.
  • Makes excuses; evasive; hedges on unfavorable factors in records.
  • Lack of tact. Lack of courtesy; ill-mannered.
  • Condemnation of past employers.
  • Fails to look interviewer in the eye.
  • Indecision. Merely shopping around.
  • Sloppy application.
  • Over-elaboration of details of experience.
  • Wants job only for a short time.
  • Little sense of humor. Cynical.
  • Lack of knowledge of field of specialization.
  • No interest in the company.
  • Emphasis on whom he she knows.
  • Flexibility
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