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Major Reasons for Rejection in a Preliminary Interview

  • Poor personal appearance.
  • Inability to express him/herself clearly. Poor voice, diction, grammar.
  • Lack of planning for a career; no purpose or goals.
  • Lack of confidence and poise; nervous, ill-at-ease.
  • Overemphasis on salary.
  • Unwilling to start at bottom; expects too much too soon.
  • Makes excuses; evasive; hedges on unfavorable factors in records.
  • Lack of tact. Lack of courtesy; ill-mannered.
  • Condemnation of past employers.
  • Fails to look interviewer in the eye.
  • Indecision. Merely shopping around.
  • Sloppy application.
  • Over-elaboration of details of experience.
  • Wants job only for a short time.
  • Little sense of humor. Cynical.
  • Lack of knowledge of field of specialization.
  • No interest in the company.
  • Emphasis on whom he she knows.
  • Flexibility
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